StoneGate project get’s the OK

Wow,  If you thought there was any question as to if Northern NV is growing, here is more proof.  It is a well known fact that rent prices are going up along with house prices.  In many cases people cannot find a house to rent.  Not to mention the short supply of houses for sale and the bidding wars over this small supply.  So it only makes sense that everywhere you turn there is construction.  We are growing like it or not.  Here is the latest approved addition to our community.  If you would like to know more about the StoneGate project and how it may affect you, click on the links below.


‘Tis the Season to CRAWL

This weekend is starting off Reno’s hot crawl season. The 10th Annual Reno Zombie Crawl will be held on Saturday October 21st. For those who don’t know, the Zombie Crawl has become a Reno tradition in which every year around Halloween, people from all over Nevada flock to Reno to indulge in a night of deadly fun.

kid zom

The Zombie Crawl is the ultimate Halloween party navigating through +40 bars and restaurants, gifting food and drink specials, hotel discounts, costume prizes, and more! The Walking Dead brought to life for one whole night; for people from out of town, this is an experience unlike anything else. All ages are invited to dress up and come be apart of Thriller Under the Arch which is exactly what it sounds like! Michael Jackson’s thriller blasts in the streets and flash-mobsters quickly gather to show off their music video moves.

Truly one of a kind, The Reno Zombie Crawl is something everyone needs to see at least once.


If you just couldn’t get enough of the CRAWL, we also have a Onsie Crawl coming up on November 18th, The Famous Santa Crawl on December 9th, and The Santa Dash on December 16th. Be apart of our tradition and come see how the Reno community comes together!

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Reno Air Races and Air Show

Reno Air Races and Air Show

Reno Air Races and Air Show is held annually at Stead Airport at 14501 Mt. Anderson St., Reno, NV 89506. The Reno Air Racing Association is the organization that is responsible for putting this event together and for bringing it to Northern Nevada for folks here to enjoy. It is one of the biggest events of the year that brings in a tremendous economic impact in our region.

If June is a month of celebration for all types of life events, September month in Northern Nevada is a month for big outdoor and major entertainment events. It starts off with the Burning Man Festival during Labor Day weekend, followed by The Great Balloon Race. Then, on the 3rd weekend is the Reno Air Races and Air Show. Finally, on the last weekend, it ends with Street Vibrations. With these back to back major events, it’s always good to plan ahead, make reservations and have a place to stay before Hotels and Casinos are sold out. There are also Inns & Other lodging places in and around town, but there’s nothing better than staying with friends and relatives or better yet, having a second home to come home to and enjoy a month of outdoor festivities!

Reno Air Races 2017
Stealth Bomber fly-by
National Championship Air Races 2017
National Championship Air Races and Air Show in Reno, NV
Reno Air Race 2017
Reno Air Races and Air Show 



For more information on NCAR, please go to






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Have YOU Recently Gone to The Great Reno Balloon Race?

Have YOU Recently Gone to The Great Reno Balloon Race?

Have YOU recently gone to The Great Reno Balloon Race? Although this year’s Balloon Race was held between September 8th – 10th, the Preview Day was on Thursday, September 7th for Sponsors and invited Media only.

Did you know that The Great Reno Balloon Race is the largest FREE hot air ballooning event in the country, and is held annually the following weekend after Labor Day in September at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park in Reno, Nevada!?

Kissing Fishes during Super Glow Show
Kissing Fishes at The Great Reno Balloon Super Glow Show
Reno Air Balloon Mass Ascension
The Great Reno Balloon Mass Ascension

When you’re a local, you probably had gone to more than a few times since this event started in 1982. As a visitor and someone who’s new in the area, this is probably an event you would want to attend during your visit and while here in Reno, NV. The Super Glow Show which happens around 5:00 a.m., is a warm reception to experience! The Mass Ascension at 7:00 a.m. is a wonderful thing to see!

For more information about the GRBR on how you can be involve in the race as either one of the Sponsors, Aeronauts, Volunteers and/or simply as a Spectator, head to




Geanelli enjoying The Great Reno Balloon Races in Reno

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Have YOU Ever Been to the Burning Man Festival?

Have YOU Ever Been to the Burning Man Festival?

Have YOU ever been to the Burning Man Festival? I heard that 2017 was the wildest year, so far!

Burning Man Festival 2017 took place on August 27th through September 4th in the Black Rock City (a temporary city erected for a week of celebration) at Black Rock Desert in Pershing County, Nevada.

Did you know that there is a tradition called, “Tutu Tuesday” at the Burning Man Festival? Yes, No matter what your gender is, and if you are at this festival you wear a tutu for fun! 🙂
This year, a wedding was also held during a dust storm!..and of course, what is Burning Man Festival without the highlight of the Burning Man Effigy? See the gallery of photos link at

Do you want to awaken the artistic and/or spiritual side of your inner-self? Click on this inspirational link at

How do you join the community of Burners? For more information on how you can join next year’s festival, please see the following link at

Curious as to how things are set-up before you get there? Check this link

These are some of the special features that majorly attracts burners.

Here is an interesting link to explore

Wherever there is beauty, there will also be the ugly side of things but the one ugly thing that was turned into a beauty, are the thousands of bicycles left behind… LOVE the idea that these bicycles can be put to good use for those who have lost from this hurricane season. For more info and see how you can help, please view the following link at

This is what you would see on most roads in Northern Nevada after the Burning Man Festival is over…

ASH WHT Vehicle 09-2017B
Playa dust on motor home and its cargo

For more information about Burning Man’s History visit:

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Labor Day Weekend Is Here!

Labor Day Weekend is here!

Labor Day Weekend is here, and it is being celebrated with REALTY WORLD – Ballard Company’s 50th Year Anniversary in real estate business and industry! A solid company that has survived the ups and downs of real estate market in decades. Celebrating a long holiday weekend outdoors at a Picnic in the Park together with our families, friends and relatives as well as clients, is such a wonderful feeling and a great sight to see. 🙂

Sometimes, it only takes one good look at our surroundings and see why life can be interesting and colorful… Watching the people around mingling and making new friends with good food & drinks to share. Having great conversations with one another, seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter with fun & games provided. These scenes are sometimes enough to observe and make someone smile, feeling happy and warm inside. A gathering such as this, is what makes us all human… After all, what are failures/successes & sadness/happiness if we have no one to share it with?

Ballard's Co. 50TH Anniversary Picnic Photo
Founder Virgil & wife Ruth with Broker JJ & wife Valerie before the party started.

How about YOU? Would you like to achieve your success in real estate investment somewhere in Northern Nevada? Perhaps a success in owning a second home here in Reno/Sparks area? If this is a goal you had been thinking lately, and had been trying to achieve for quite sometime now, let me share with you my knowledge in acquiring a piece(s) of real estate property(ies). Give me a call or text at (775) 453-0082. You may also email me through my contact page. Looking forward to sharing goals and ideas…

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Reno Real Estate

Whether you’re looking to expand, invest, or expose yourself to something new, Reno is the perfect place to start your journey! With the economy looking the best it has in the last decade, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our hot market.

According to statistics form 2016, Fortune Builders says “Homes purchased in the Reno, NV housing market one year ago have appreciated, on average, by $29,375. The national average was $14,963 over the same period.” Below I have attached a link to the article regarding the Reno Real Estate market.

If you are interested in looking into the property opportunity of Northern Nevada, feel free to contact me at (775) 690-7143 or

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August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing

August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing

August 21, 2017 Solar eclipse viewing was one of the most anticipated events this year in United States history. The Science World was in a buzz, and the media promised a good wealth of coverage. A lot of people have traveled far and wide, to experience this natural phenomenon and view it at the utmost opportune site and time.  Although this happened two weeks ago, who can forget a once in a lifetime event such as this one?

While watching a special report on Television, I remember using a medical X-Ray film viewing the solar eclipse back in March 18th 1988 in the Philippines. Fortunately, I had some medical X-Ray films tucked away in my home office so I hurriedly took two (2) slides of X-Ray films and taped it together on to my cellular phone’s camera lens. The following shots were produced as I view it through the viewing screen of my cell phone.

Sky view through X-RAY films without focusing on the SUN
Daylight view through double X-RAY films without focusing on the SUN


Viewing the SUN through double X-Ray films without zooming
View of the partial Solar Eclipse through double X-Ray films without magnification


Magnified view of the SUN through double X-Ray films
Magnified view of the partial Solar Eclipse through double X-Ray films











After these photos were taken, I thought why not see what it looks like with just one (1) X-Ray film?

Partial Solar Eclipse view through a single X-Ray film
Partial Solar Eclipse view through a single X-Ray film
2nd floor window where photos & video footage of partial Solar Eclipse were taken
2nd floor window where photos & video footage of partial Solar Eclipse were taken


Well, that didn’t look too good so why not shoot a video, and take this experiment on to the next level, while the newscasters are commenting in the background?


Short video clip of Solar Eclipse with live news in the background 


Hope this compilation of photos and video footage (although short) of the partial Solar Eclipse here in Reno, Nevada has been useful and enjoyable for your viewing.

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Community Service?

Community Service?

What does community service mean? Why would someone do any community service at all? I guess, the answer depends on who we are asking the question to and what motivates and/or inspires them the most? Is this person a victim of a crime who’s fighting for a cause, an ex-convict/criminal who’s paying for their crime committed, a business owner who’s making a contribution to their community, a church member who’s practicing his/her belief, a law-abiding citizen who’s being a good Samaritan? The list goes on, but if someone asked you today if you are doing any community service or volunteering work at all, what would your answer be?

Party at the Park
Block Party held at the Park

The reason I raised this question, is that no matter who we belong as a group or see ourselves as an individual, the need is there to give back to the community we currently live in to make it a “good neighborhood” to belong. The pursue of happiness does not start with other people, but it starts within oneself. Learning not to point fingers to others especially when things are not going our way, is sometimes hard to do for some people, but it can be done.

Block Party at one of the Cul-de-sac
Block Party at one of the Cul-de-sacs
Block Party at one of the Common Areas
Block Party at one of the Common Areas

This reminds me of the call President Kennedy made at his inaugural day. Every time I get to watch snippets of the old video film being replayed on television and hear him say, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”  makes me feel inspired to do good things for people especially, in my own realty market place. As I think about this question a lot and break it down into a smaller version and start asking to myself…Ask not what your State of Nevada, County of Washoe, City of Reno, Community, Church, School in North Valleys, Neighbors in Sky Vista Subdivision, Friends, Relatives in/out-of-town and/or a Family member can do for you but instead, ask what can you do for your (whichever applies at a given time)…? As a Realtor who has the passion to truly help people, this made me think of ways to give back to my own neighborhood.

So this past Saturday, the week after Hot August Nights, I organized a block Party (ahead of time) with the help of my family and a handful neighbors to host it. Of course, not all were able to participate but to those who were able to attend, see the smiles in their faces and the laughter shared are priceless! As I went from one part of the areas assigned to gather and check everyone out, it was great to see that half of the Sky Vista Subdivision came out to party rain or shine! 🙂

Block Party goers at one of the gracious neighbors front yard
Block Party goers at one of the gracious neighbors front yard
Block Party as the rain was coming down unexpectedly!
Block Party still going as the rain came down unexpectedly!

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Hot August Nights

Well, Hot August Nights doesn’t just refer to the hot summer weather in the the month of August here in Reno, Nevada. It is one of the most popular and biggest events of the year!

A lot of local and out-of-town folks come in to the “The Biggest Little City in the World” to watch and/or join the parades of Show Cars. There are various locations and places in town, that locals and visitors alike are able to go, see and/or auction off all kinds of vehicles, from an old, beautiful & remodeled vintage cars to customized trucks and other salvaged vehicles that are made new again. It is sooo much fun! see the ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness of crafty people who work on some of these things ordinary people wouldn’t think about putting motors and wheels on them and make them run! 😉

I took a lot of pictures on my first Hot August Nights watching the parade in downtown Reno on Virginia St. It was definitely memorable especially with this original piece below.

Hot August Nights
Save Mart Shopping Cart Hot Rod


Hot August Nights
Nice toy!
Hot August Nights
Geanelli in a beautiful Shelby Cobra

Car fanatic or not, if you want to experience the good times that makes you want to “staycation” and have a second home in Northern Nevada, or make Nevada your permanent home, I’m here to listen. YOU can call/text me at (775) 453-0082. You may also email me through my contact page. Let’s explore your options, so you can play a little longer and have fun a little bit more!

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