City or the Suburbs in Northern Nevada?

City or the Suburbs in Northern Nevada?

Are you one of those city slickers who are getting tired of living in a crowded city? Yearning for the more peaceful life in the suburbs? Perhaps thinking of “getting more bang for your buck”, when it comes to owning a property? So, I ask you: City or the Suburbs in Northern Nevada?

Here in Reno & Sparks areas, we have locals feeling the rush of influx coming from other states and the neighboring towns, due to the abundance of work available. There’s a great diversity of work to be found such as, in building industry, technology, entertainment and etc. which can profoundly support our economy. Job opportunities and being able to hold a job and have a career out of it, makes it more affordable to purchase a home.

Lately, infrastructure besides healthcare is one of the most popular topics to discuss in political town hall meetings. Traffic congestion is not very attractive and therefore, one of the reasons why city folks are contemplating in moving to the suburbs. The potential of having a larger property at a very affordable price is a definite plus. Commuting to and fro the city is another thing but in any case, there will always be a positive and negative effect in any matter we choose in life. Whether to compromise or not, and having to settle or not, is just a matter of how we want to deal with it.

If someone ask you, do you want to leave the crowding city for the developing country side like the Silicon Valley in the 80’s and 90’s, as what the picture illustrates below to capture a dream job? Perhaps buying a larger home at a more attractive price or invest while the price is still low? What would your answer be?


City or the Suburbs in Northern Nevada?
Silicon Valley Before & After Photo


If you are thinking the same thing I’m thinking, then you should pick up the phone and give me a call/text at (775) 453-0082. You may also email me through my contact page. I will be glad to answer your questions, and help you with all of your real estate needs.



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USA Parkway Grand Opening

Well, it’s finally upon us. Many of us have been waiting for years for this road to be completed, and many had given up. I hope to see lots of people at the ribbon cutting ceremony on the 28th. This is going to bring a lot of growth as well as some long awaited changes to our little community. I am excited to see them coming and look forward to the future face of Silver Springs.


Why Californians Move to Nevada?

Why Californians Move to Nevada?

Since the housing market bubble in 2007-2009, Californians had been coming in more frequently and in good amount of numbers either to downsize, retire and/or embrace the lifestyle here in the state of Nevada. Lately, it is becoming more steady due to the work and career opportunities that Reno, Sparks and the outer laying parts of these two (2) cities has to offer. This is why Californians move to Nevada?

AFFORDABILITY – the bottom line is the number one (1) reason for Californians to flock to the state of Nevada. Being able to sell a home in California with a higher price tag, and acquire a larger property with monies from the previous home sold, and still have enough funds to use for retirement, is unarguably wonderful thing to accomplish! Not to mention the empty-nesters, who would like to retire in better fashion, be entertained 24-7, and live comfortably.

Are you tired of digging for gold, yet? 

Why Californians Move to Nevada?
The Golden State

Nevada is the nearest place to DECOMPRESS from the hectic lifestyle of California. Hollywood entertainers who wants to be entertained at the end of their day, and/or just want to get away from it all especially on the weekend, can quickly hop into their chauffeur driven limousines or shortly fly in their private jets and visit within a day or two. Lake Tahoe is certainly a quiet and beautiful place to get away from it all! The casinos and hotels are unmistakably the place to be served and be entertained, for a change. Unless, coming to Nevada is work & entertain others is your goal then, so be it! 😉

If you’re tired of digging for gold in California and haven’t found it, yet…
then, come to the Silver State! Where mining in Technological Companies will be your new adventure!!!

Why Californians Move to Nevada?
The Silver State

Also worth mentioning, is Nevada being a business friendly state which makes it easier to start up a business. Whether you are a small business or a large investment companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Google and the likes, this is a perfect place to start a new career or have a change in career. Perhaps invest in a company that works along side with the aforementioned companies? If that’s the case, would you be looking to purchase a second home here in Northern Nevada? How about a vacation home or an investment property? Better yet, A Dream Home for which you can customize according to your needs & wants, and retire comfortably? 

If your answer is YES to any or all of the above questions, then let me assist you in fulfilling your real estate need(s) in the state of Nevada especially in the Reno/Sparks areas. Let’s weigh in your plans and goals by calling me at (775) 453-0082 or email through my contact page and discover the positive side of life that awaits you! 


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Relocating from Alaska to Northern Nevada?

Relocating from Alaska to Northern Nevada?

Alaska is known to be the “last frontier” state with an abundance of wildlife, wide and open spaces that makes this state attractive to those who prefer this lifestyle. Alaskans are known to be self-sufficient, and most are content of the way they live their lives up in this part of the world. It is also known to be one of the most expensive states to live in. So does this sound like relocating from Alaska to Northern Nevada is a good idea?

Question is, are you one of those people who are thinking of needing or wanting to change their environment or surroundings? How about investing? A change in Career? Perhaps a lifestyle? Changes in life can sometimes be very complicated and stressful. There could be unexpected hurdles to face especially in real estate process, if one is not familiar with it. With that said, let me assure you that I am familiar with the real estate process and that I can make this experience – free of stress.

If the decision has already been made to move from “The Last Frontier” state of Alaskato “Battle Born” state of Nevada (one of the lower 48 states, as you call it up there), I would love an opportunity to speak with you through a phone call at (775) 453-0082 or email me through my contact page

Relocating from Alaska to Northern Nevada?
Alaska – The Last Frontier State


Relocating from Alaska to Northern Nevada?
Nevada – Battle Born State

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Mountain Top View of USA Parkway

I took a trip up to the mountain top communication site to the South of Silver Springs the other day. We got some really nice photos of the area and I wanted to share them with everyone.  IMG_0069IMG_0101 IMG_0103 IMG_0110 IMG_0083

It’s always exciting for me to see more progress on our side of “The Road”.

IMG_0087 (3)IMG_0091IMG_0093IMG_0094 (3)

You can always follow the Green Giant to a great deal.

IMG_0112 (2)

Finding a Good, local, Lender


We build relationships with people in our business, and there are A LOT of people in our business. We work with Inspectors, Title Companies, other Real Estate Agents, repair companies (if necessary), and of course people who can make the financial piece of your dream come true or turn into a nightmare.

We recently helped a buyer from out of state, Alaska to be exact. Working with an out of state lender is doable, of course, but much more difficult than working with a local lender.

Not only is it harder to coordinate documents and signings with an out of state lender, communication could be impacted as well. Time differences, federal, state and local codes and laws are much more difficult to maneuver. The Alaska lender we worked with was unfamiliar with Nevada rules for the loan type we were working with. This caused stress with our buyer and created delays with the closing.

We have many lenders we recommend to our buyers that are local and very knowledgeable about what they do. No matter who you choose as your Real Estate professional, have them refer several lenders to you. You certainly don’t have to go with the first one you speak to, shop around and find one that you like and will work for you.


Top 10 Features Home Buyers Want in 2017

Article courtesy of American Home Shield® Home Matters blog.


Find out the top 10 features today’s home buyers are looking for in a home so you can better meet their demands and help them find the home of their dreams.

Although the generations of home buyers differ, there are many common features they all want in a home. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, home buyers are looking for features that will help them save energy and money and will help them keep their family and home organized. Here are the top 10 features on their most wanted list:

1. Laundry room
A separate laundry room is at the top of the list as the most desired feature in a home. Having a laundry room for folding clothes, piling up dirty clothes or ironing is a huge benefit, as it helps keep the mess out of the rest of the home — like the guestroom, couch or dining room table.

2. ENERGY STAR® appliances/windows/fixtures
Energy efficiency and saving money on utility bills are top priorities for homebuyers. Energy-efficient windows can help cut heating and cooling costs by 12%, an ENERGY STAR appliance like a washing machine can help save a homeowner $40 or more a year on utility bills and an ENERGY STAR Certified Home uses 15-30% less energy.

3. Exterior lighting
Exterior lighting is the most desired outdoor feature. An illuminated home that highlights landscaping, a tree or a beautifully manicured lawn can improve the aesthetics of a home and set a mood. It can also help guide visitors to the front door in the dark and is an excellent burglar deterrent.

4. Patio
Patios are the second most coveted outdoor feature. Outdoor areas offer more living space without the cost of a home addition and they can help recover 30-60% of a home’s investment. Plus, they’re great for entertaining or just relaxing outdoors.

5. Ceiling fans
Ceiling fans are practical and decorative. They’ve become must-haves as energy costs continue to rise because they can cool a room more efficiently than air conditioning. Plus, they come in many beautiful and stylish designs.

6. Full bath on main level
A second full bathroom in a house can make a big difference and a good impression on buyers. In fact, an additional full bath can increase a home value by 20%. Plus, it comes in handy as a guest bathroom.

7. Hardwood on main floor
Not only do hardwood floors give a home a nice sleek look, they’re also cleaner, easier to maintain and more durable than carpeting. Hardwood floors can be refinished and can last a lifetime.

8. Insulation higher than required by code
Insulation helps lower the cost of heating and cooling. Higher insulation levels that exceed code requirements can usually be found in energy-efficient homes.

9. Garage storage
Everyone loves having lots of storage space and the garage is the most convenient and accessible place for storage, as it’s usually just a few steps away from the house. A nicely organized, roomy and easily accessible garage with storage cabinets is very appealing.
10. Eat-in kitchen
Kitchens with plenty of space for a table are important to home buyers, especially those with families. The kitchen table is where everyone congregates — in the morning over breakfast and in the evening for dinner.

For more helpful tips, visit the American Home Shield® Home Matters blog.

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